November 27, 2013

Now Available: THE BABY FARM (The Secret Society of Sugar and Spice, Book 2)

My new book is now available.  Get it in e-book and print paperback at or and for Nook at  Here's the back cover blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Winter is seven months pregnant and married… to the wrong man.  When it appears that her true love has abandoned her, she is forced to marry a brutal man, for it’s 1885, and her only choice is to marry someone, anyone, or give up her baby.  But once her daughter is born, her cruel husband sells the child to a baby farm. Outraged, Hannah attacks him only to be beaten and imprisoned. Now it is up to Claire Sargent and the girls of the Secret Society of Sugar and Spice to plan a daring escape and spirit Hannah away to safety.  But once rescued, Hannah won’t leave without her daughter.  Claire and the girls of the Secret Society face their most daunting mission yet, for not only must they find the baby girl, they must steal her away. 

The Baby Farm is part of a series.  The first book in the series is The Secret Society of Sugar and Spice.  Get it online at the same websites.

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