April 25, 2013

Author's Notes: The Ghost of Browns Valley

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of ...Samuel Brown 

Samuel Brown?  Yes, he's known as the Paul Revere of Minnesota.  During a book event at the Browns Valley Library I learned all about the ghost of Brown's Valley.  Here is what the librarian, Bernice Piechowski, had to say about Sam:

"On April 19, 1866, Sam Brown, the son of Joseph R. Brown and at that time, the chief Army Scout stationed at Fort Wadsworth, started on horseback to warn the settlers there of what was thought to be an impending Indian attack. He rode the fifty-five miles in five hours only to find the report to be false. He was caught in a blizzard and lost his way, drifting many miles to the south and into the Waubay area. He is called the "Paul Revere of the Frontier" due to his famous ride."

Bernice sent me a section of a book about the ghosts of Minnesota.  Turns out that the seldom-seen ghost only comes out in spring blizzards on the plains. When there is heavy snow, sleet and rain, an exhausted horse is seen stumbling on urged by the tall, gaunt man in the saddle. 

Most of us out here know to stay indoors in such weather.  But if you're ever outside near Browns Valley during a spring blizzard, keep an eye out for Sam and his horse.  And now that I think of it, wouldn't this be a great idea for a book?

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