April 13, 2013

Author's Notes: 1883

My new book, The Secret Society of Sugar and Spice, is set in 1883.  What was happening in America that year?

Chester A. Arthur is president having become so after the assassination of Presidient Garfield in 1881.

Jan. 19th: The first electric lighting system using overhead wires built by Thomas Edison begins service in Roselle, New Jersey

Feb. 16th:  The Ladies Home Journal begins publishing

Mar 24th:  The first telephone call occurrs between New York and Chicago

May 24:  The Brooklyn Bridge is opened.  Six days later a rumor that the bridge is about to collapse causes a stampede and kills twelve people

Jul 4:  "Buffalo Bill" Cody puts on his first Wild West Show in North Platte, Nebraska

Nov. 3:  The US Supreme Court decides Native Americans can't be Americans

Nov. 18:  Five standard time zones are established by US and Canadian railroad companies to end confusion over thousands of local time zones

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