December 4, 2012

A Real Treasure

Yesterday, my husband and I went antiquing in the small town of Wilmot, South Dakota.  We visited The Old Hospital Antiques on the main street.  The antique store occupies a building that was once a hospital in the early 1900's.  Upstairs, the small hospital rooms with transomes over the doors and floor to ceiling windows are still there as are the cabinets where supplies were kept.  What tales those walls could tell!

While browsing through the books, I uncovered a real find:  "The Common School Question Book and Review" by Isaac Hinton Brown published by A. Flanagan Co.  Although there is no publication date, Mr. Brown died in 1889 and most of  his other books were published from 1880 - 1898.  I did an extensive search on the net and could not find a referenece to this particular book so it may be rather rare. It appears to be a book for teachers who were reviewing for certification examinations  and includes helpful discussions on topics for use in the classroom.  There are handwritten notes, drawings and even pressed leaves between the pages.  What a wonderful resource! 

One section is called "Memory Gems" with the following instructions: "Pupils should memorize one of the following gems each day, which should be placed on the blackboard".  Can't you just see it - at the top of the blackboard, in the teachers neat, careful script:

"Of all the schoolrooms in east or west, the schoolroom of nature I love the best."

Expect to see more material from this wonderful book in future posts, especially Carol's Quaint Quotes.

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