November 20, 2012

Author's Notes: Carrie Wears a Corset

This week we are talking about corsets (see also "Teen Life Way Back When" from Nov. 18).  In Big Stone Heart, our heroine, seventeen-year-old Carrie Smith, dons a corset for the first time in her life.  Here is the text:

"Thelma had bought her a new pair of shoes, a corset and lent her an old, but refurbished hat. With the corset biting into her waist and breasts, she was uncomfortable. She had to admit, though, that her waist looked thinner and her back neater. Her breasts, though, were more evident than ever. Carrie winced and tried to slump her shoulders some to make them less conspicuous. It was to no avail. The corset held her ramrod straight. Thelma had also given her a soft, fringed white wool shawl to use. She draped this over her shoulders and across her chest. It did a satisfactory job of camouflage and she was grateful for this. The narrow new shoes pinched her feet after the broad boots she had been wearing. The hat with its new ribbons complimented her eyes and hair. Overall, she was satisfied. Still no beauty, she thought, as she stared in the mirror, but she’d do."

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