June 5, 2012

Author's Notes - 1886

Introducing a new feature:  Author's Notes.  I will be blogging periodically on topics related to my books.  There will be little bits of history, human interest, background - anything that might enhance the experience of my readers.

Big Stone Heart, my first YA book, was recently released by Whiskey Creek Press and will soon be available on Amazon.com. It begins:  Swede Hollow, Minnesota, 1886. Let's explore some of the things that were happening in the United States in 1886:

Grover Cleveland was President

President Cleveland declared a state of emergency in Seattle on Feb. 9, because of anti-Chinese violence

On June 2, President Cleveland married Frances Folsom and became the first President to marry while in office

Apache Chief Geronimo surrendered on Sept. 4, ending the last major US-Indian war

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on Oct. 28 and the first confetti (ticker tape) parade was held in NYC

Info from:  http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/1886

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