March 5, 2012

Teen Life Way Back When

Introducing a new feature:  Teen Life Way Back When. 
I am fascinated by life in the 1800’s. Indeed, all of my books are set in this time period.  This stems largely, I think, from my childhood love of the Little House on the Prairie series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
When you think about the Victorian Era (1837 – 1901), what usually comes to mind are the stuffy drawing rooms of the English aristocracy or the New York salons of upper crust Americans. These do not interest me in the least. What interests me is that there was a whole lot else going on in the world outside of England and New York.  While those folks were sipping tea in their country homes, other folks were traveling across the prairies in covered wagons or homesteading on a desolate piece of land far from the nearest town.  Now that’s interesting!
Most of what you read about this era concerns the dealings of adults. While I was writing my books, it occurred to me to ask the question: “What was life like for teens back then?”  Let’s explore this together and find out.

Next topic:  When was a teenager not a teenager?

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