March 11, 2012

Teen Life Way Back When: Where Did Teens Live? Introduction

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I know what you are thinking – duh! - teens lived with their parents wherever their parents lived.  Not so fast.  First of all, many teens back in the 1800’s, primarily boys, were independent of their parents at a relatively early age.  Pony Express riders were as young as eleven and Native American Sioux boys and girls were considered adults as soon as they reached puberty, then married shortly thereafter. Since we are focusing on the Great Plains in the 1800’s, let’s take a look at some unique, long-gone places and types of homes where teens might have lived. And let’s start with the first folks who lived on the Great Plains: 
Native Americans.

In the pre-reservation era, the Native American Sioux lived in teepees (also called tipis).  These were made of buffalo hides stretched over poles that were almost fifteen feet high.  There was a hole in the top to let out the smoke from a fire. Teepees were easy to assemble and dissemble allowing the inhabitants to move house quickly. 
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