March 29, 2012

Carol's Quaint Quotes

I often spend many pleasurable hours in the library of The Minnesota History Center doing research for my novels.  Some of the long extinct books I’ve come across in the library make me smile and groan, for some things never change and others, well, we’ve come a long way, baby!  I thought you might get a kick out of some of the passages I’ve found - like this one:

Reading too constantly and studying too closely, is as injurious to the mind and nervous system as is eating too much to the stomach and blood.  The back doors of many of our colleges and seminaries open into lunatic asylums and cemeteries.  The literary world is full of physical wrecks…
Plain Home Talk and Medical Common Sense.  E.B. Foote, M.D., A.L. Bancroft & Co., New York [etc.] 1871, pg. 211.

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